Artist Biographies

Harry  Davis.jpg

Harry Davis

Harry is a talented and awesome 34 year old, who is passionate about art, especially painting.  Harry has a passion and enthusiasm for art, music and friendship.  Harry says that using an easel and bigger brushes helps him to create his pieces.  Aside from art, he has many other interests.  Some of these interests include watching movies and cheering for the Eagles and Phillies!  He also likes to play video games on his Xbox and Wii!  One of his favorite activities is dancing!  Harry says he likes all kinds of music, but country is his favorite.  When asked about the challenges in his life, Harry responded that he doesn’t have enough days to dance and that socialization can be a challenge sometimes. 


Lindsay “Linny” Marvel

Lindsay discovered Art Therapy Express at the age of 28 through a current participant and her proclaimed “sister” Hailey.  Lindsay is now 35 years old and has been a faithful open studio participant.  Art helps Lindsay express herself and releases her stress and anxiety.  Art helps her forget her troubles and worries and focus on the present.  Lindsay is inspired by the different colors in the art studio and uses color in the creation of her artwork to express her emotions.  She enjoys writing short stories about herself and has a gigantic purse collection.  Lindsay enjoys painting with stencils the most when it comes to making art.  She enjoys how structured the designs are when creating stencils but loves the freedom in the usage of colors.  Every stencil, although the design might be the same, is beautiful and unique.  Lindsay would like the world to know that she is an exceptionally kind, caring, and helpful person.  She is also very social and loves meeting new people and forming new friendships. 


Noah Bradshaw

Noah is a 16 year old who has been participating in Art Therapy Express classes for 2 years.  He enjoys art because it makes him happy and he likes to use many different colors, his favorites being red and yellow.  Noah says that his art is inspired by his imagination, and that his creativity has grown because he has had the chance to use many different mediums to create art, including markers, paint and crayons.  Aside from art, Noah has many other passions and talents.  He enjoys building with Legos, and participating in many different sports including basketball, swimming, wrestling and marital arts.  Noah also takes piano lessons and loves movies.  When asked about the challenges he has faced in his life, Noah replied that boxing and math are very hard for him but he was able to overcome these challenges with perseverance and practice.  When Noah grows up he wants to be either a farmer, work at Disney World or be a musician.  Noah’s future is bright and there is no doubt that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. 


Alison Gilefsky

Alison discovered Art Therapy Express in 2013 on the recommendation of a friend.  Many projects involve exposing her private self:  goals, vision, past, and favorite things.  Art pushes her to place the items she folds closest to her chest on display.  Listening to other artists helps her appreciate both the variety and commonality of the human experience.  At ATE, she enjoys painting, drawing, and creating word collages.  She likes floral paintings in the style of Impressionists and Georgia O’Keefe.  Outside of art therapy, she enjoys photography and the outdoors.  She is a passionate volunteer helping peers with mood disorders.  Some of her favorite creations:  water study of Georgia O’Keefe Apple Blossoms; Starry Nebula Night in Acrylic; and tissue paper Bryce Canyon. 


Eric Prohaska

Eric is 23 years old and has been participating in Art Therapy Express open studio classes for about 7 weeks.  He is very expressive and animated, and those qualities can be seen through his art.  For Eric, ATE was an awesome way to get out in the community and meet new faces and have social interaction.  Eric is a big fan of films and movies and loves to talk about some of his favorite such as Nightmare on Elm Street, JFK, and films that his brother makes!  His favorite type of art includes painting and drawing, and he finds a lot of his inspiration through movies, words and letters.  Eric has an amazing ability to “let loose” while creating his art and truly puts all of his energy into his creations. 


Jessica Hartford

Jessica is 14 years old and has been taking classes at Art Therapy Express for a year and a half.  Over her time here she has overcome her fear of opening up.  She feels that art has impacted her life in a very positive way.  It has helped her cope, express her feelings, and let things go without having to use words.  Aside from art, some of Jessica’s hobbies are figure skating, singing, and playing video games.  She also loves Cosplay because you can dress up as any character and act as them.  She says it is a great way to express yourself.  The environment at the studio makes her feel more creative.  She finds it very calming and says she feels accepted.

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Devin Davis

Devin is 27 years old and just started taking classes at Art Therapy Express.  He has a passion for art, specifically drawing.  Devin has been drawing for a long time, and finds that it is a great way for him to express himself and it is also very soothing.  He says he draws a lot of animals and a lot of what he draws is from his imagination as opposed to copying a picture.  Devin’s main hobbies are art and costuming!  Over time his drawing skills have greatly improved and he has become more comfortable sharing his art with other people.


Ben Bashkow

Ben is 31 years old and a newcomer to the Art Studio.  He has been participating in Art Therapy Express for approximately 3 months.  He has many talents and hobbies.  Ben has participated in Special Olympics Power Lifting and exercise for the last 7 years.  He has a business called Big Ben Shredding and he stocks grocery shelves at the Food Pantry.  Ben loves music, especially Matchbox 20 and Faith Hill, and he enjoys attending concerts.  He enjoys Art Therapy very much!  It allows him to get out and be around people. Ben loves to paint most of all and really enjoys painting with marbles or other props.  He is a kind gentle soul with a sweet smile. 



Mani was born in Nigeria and moved to the U.S. shortly after.  She is now 30 years old and has been creating masterpieces with Art Therapy Express for 3 years.  She is an extremely social and charismatic person.  Every open studio session Mani goes around and asks every participant how he or she is doing that day and introduces  herself to anyone who may be new to the program.  Mani has a gift instantly making all people feel welcome and accepted for who they are.  Her smile and loving personality is contagious and her radiant presence is heavily felt in every art session she attends.  Mani has a bunny named Tommy and an African Grey parrot named Bitty.  She believes that you overcome the challenges in your life with the things you have around you like family, pets, and hobbies that you enjoy.  Mani has a passion for helping people and enjoys going to the hospital to talk to the sick patients and spend time with people who don’t always get visitors. 


Sean Guinivan

Having started creating art with Art Therapy Express in 2010 Sean has been a blessing to the program for around 7 years.  Sean is 30 years old and is an extremely intelligent individual.  Despite the challenges he faces with his disability Sean graduated from an academic high school with a full diploma in the mainstream education program.  Currently Sean works as a volunteer at St. Francis Hospital.  Sean uses different types of adaptive technology to help him obtain a sold grip on different paintbrushes and pencils.  He also utilizes different types of easels so that his paper or canvas is more accessible to him.  While Sean has a passion for art he also craves new experiences and mental stimulation at all time and has many different hobbies and interests.  He loves to bake with his brother, loves flying drones and playing Wii with his brother, and like to fly infrared controlled helium filled balloons with his Dad.  Sean loves to play baseball with the Newark Little League Challenger Division and has an appetite for traveling to new and exciting cities.  Art provides Sean with an p\\outlet for creativity and the mental stimulations that he craves.  He has an extremely active mind and wakes up every morning ready to go and try something exciting and new.  Sean never lets his disability discourage him from trying new and exciting activities and keeps an open and positive mind in all of life’s situations. 



Faraj is 21 years old and has been participating in Art Therapy Express for about 2 years.  He appreciates art of all forms.  He loves to be read to, especially when the reader is animated.  He enjoys listening to anything from lectures, to stories, to poems.  He also enjoys creating art.  Faraj is also a huge fan of the audible arts such as music.  He loves to create music with his guitar and drums but his favorite art form by far is dancing.  Faraj loves to bust a move, when the opportunity arises.  He appreciates a good beat and enjoys dancing when he is with his friends or solo.  Faraj loves art because of the way it allows him to express himself when words do not give him the same opportunity


Lora Divorski

Lora is 33 years old and loves expressing her creativity through art.  Being at Art Therapy Express allows Lora to truly express herself, without the fear of being judged.  She enjoys helping her peers and washing brushes so she was invited to volunteer to support our participants during open studio sessions.  Lora also admires how everyone is treated equally with respect and kindness at Art Therapy Express.  Through art and volunteering, Lora has discovered that she is kind, caring, gentle and very understanding.  Lora also has talent as an excellent ventriloquist.


David Turner

David has been an integral part of Art Therapy Express for 5 years now.  Finding ATE at the age of 37 he uses art as a means to self-express.  He firmly believes that “anything is possible” and that art allows us all to “communicate with non-verbal individuals”.  David uses art as an intellectual stimulant.  Creativity broadens his thinking and art has helped give him a new perspective on life and to see the perspective of others in an observant and non-judgmental way.  Art offers David the ability to help others, which is something that he is both passionate and very gifted at.  Adaptive technology and adaptive devices are a vital part of his creative art journey.  Helping others overcome their challenges, by taking away obstacles and solving how to make the impossible possible.  David’s creativity, determination and unwavering belief that all people are capable of greatness has become an incredible asset to the Art Therapy Express family. 


Krysti Bingham

Krysti Ann is 32 years old.  She began working with Art Therapy Express around 10 years ago and found out about the program through CERTS and fellow participant Sean.  While Krysti has faced challenges in her life such as limited mobility her continuous positivity and drive for success inspired and motivated her family into starting a nonprofit founded in 2000, The Krysti Bingham Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Inc. which provides homes and services to the physically disabled.  Krysti has been able to overcome the challenges she faces in her life through her trust in God, her families support, and always seeing the positive side in all situations.  She loves to travel and has been to most islands in the Caribbean.  Krysti loves Florida and her family is currently renovating a home for her there for extended visits.  She loves dogs and has recently started her own business called “Walk Dogs on Wheels”.  She enjoys boating, fishing, music, beaches, being outdoors, swimming, art, being read to, and all the other activities that life has to offer.  Krysti wants the world to know that while she may be physically disabled, her soul is whole.  She is incredibly intelligent and hopes that when people see her struggles in life they appreciate what they have a little more. 



Melissa is a very enthusiastic student at Art Therapy Express.  She is 29 years old and she loves expressing art through passion and creativity.  Melissa expresses the form of art in many different ways.  She loves taking tons of pictures with her cell phone and iPod.  She carries her devices with her everywhere, and captures all the thrilling moments as a form of photography.  Melissa often gets her artwork inspiration from Disney and her favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland.  Melissa is also very athletic.  She lives a very active lifestyle by cycling, bowling, snowboarding, ice skating, roller skating, playing tennis, dancing, working out, swimming and many more.  Melissa has won many gold medals and she was awarded as the Athlete of the Year from the Special Olympics. 


Haley Shiber

Haley has been a part of the Art Therapy Express family since she was in the 1st grade.  Now a bright 20 year old, she loves creating art, hanging out with her friends, going to the movies, getting her nails done, and listening to music.  She is a social butterfly and lights up a room with her charismatic presence.  While some may look at her and see immediate challenges, her zest for new experiences and her persistent personality trumps even her biggest obstacles.  Haley utilizes different adaptive technology to help her independently create art such as her communication board, her WREX arms, easels, and specialized braces that help her hold paintbrushes.  Haley is about to graduate from HSM School for Children with Cerebral Palsy but has many exciting plans for her future.  She plans on continuing to read children’s books to little kids, a hobby that she already adores.  She also plans on entering the ACE program at Temple University and beginning the EPIC Delaware program where she will be able to utilize more adaptive technologies like harnesses empower her to learn how to dance.  She never backs down from a challenge and always comes up with unique and creative solutions to the challenges she faces in her life.