School Programs

Through the use of sensory integration, adaptive technology and brushes, designed exclusively to support our diverse students, unique body movements and success-oriented tasks we believe students with mild to severe disabilities can create art independently while also meeting their Individualized Education Plan goals. Sessions can be held at our Kaleidoscope Art Studio or at the nonprofit organization location.


Red Clay Consolidated School District

  • Meadowood Program - H.B. duPont Middle School, McKean High School, Meadowood Transition Program (Red Clay Consolidated School District)

Christina School District

  • REACH Program
  • Delaware School for the Deaf



Colonial School District

  • John G. Leach School

Community Outings

Sessions for schools and nonprofit organizations support student and participant learning and introduce inclusive art programs in a culturally rich environment. Individuals explore gallery paintings and sculpture and view examples that support their studio experience. Participants may experience a walking labyrinth, sculpture garden, nature or theatrical performance.

  • Delaware Art Museum
  • Longwood Gardens
  • Delaware Theater Company         

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conferences and Educational In-service

Focusing on staff development and education our staff art therapist (with over 30 years experience) introduces techniques to educators and program staff that promote the use of adaptive technology, multi-sensory approaches, goals and techniques for participants with multiple disabilities, creating adaptive tools, that support the ability to create an art program that aligns with students’ and participants’ individual needs.

  • Red Clay Consolidated Visual Arts Teachers

  • REACH Program teachers and paraprofessionals

  • Chimes Delaware